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Jacinto Convit García

 (Born September 11, 1913 in Caracas) is a Venezuelan medic and scientist, known for developing a vaccine to fight leprosy and his studies to cure different types of cancer. In 1987, he received a Prince of Asturias Award in the Scientific and Technical Research category. He has been awarded with about 45 orders of honour by Venezuelan and foreign universities. In 1988, he was nominated for a Nobel Prize in Medicine by his anti-leprosy vaccine.

Son of a Spaniard with Catalonian roots and Venezuelan nationalised, Francisco Convit y Martí. His mother was a Venezuelan with Canarian roots, Flora García Marrero, born in La Pastora, Libertador Municipality, Caracas. He began his studies in the Caracas School and continued in the Andrés Bello lyceum. He was an outstanding student of Rómulo Gallegos in the philosophy and mathermatics subjects. Convit said “Such good memories, an exemplary teacher with a visionary spirit”.

In 1932 he entered to the Medice school of the Central University of Venezuela in which he obtained his title as a Medical Science Doctor in 1938.

His qualifications, gave him honorific mentions in subjects like physic and human anatomy, descriptive and topographic anatomy, Clinical Medicine and clinical surgery, amongst others.

    We studied hard, with great intensity and we had to memorise a lot. There was a period when I felt kind of tired. The number of hours that we had to study were very long.

The career and projection of Convit's deeds are well known internationally. The Bio-Medicine institution receives fellows sent by the WHO/PAHO from America, Africa and Asia. In 1971, Convit was named by the WHO as Director of the Co-operative Centre for the Study and Histological Classification of Leprosy, a position that he still holds.

In 1968, He becomes the president of the International Leprosy Association (ILA)and was re-elected in 1973, he was also designated as the president of the International Journal of Leprosy Corporation. In 1976 he was elected Director of the Pan American Research and Training in Leprosy and Tropical Diseases.

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